Yasmin is a timid 11-year-old girl who plays korfball in a sports club at local level in Flanders. She is relatively early maturing, and is the only one in her age group with signs of an adolescent body (growth of body hair, breasts, menstruation). At a sport technical level, Yasmin is one of the average performers in the team. She is not a top scorer but she does possess good basic skills at the level of the competition in which she is participating.
The case of Yasmin emphasises the importance of being aware of the risk of sexual harassment and (cyber)bullying in sports clubs. There are dangers for the individual victim (Yasmin), but also for the self-esteem and reputation of the perpetrator(s) (Joe and Victor) and finally for the learning climate of the sports club. Reflection can be identified as a key component of pedagogy. Parents and coaches are sometimes unfamiliar with the process of critical reflection in a sports club context, and with ethical dilemmas related to harassment. It must be recognised that the criteria used to judge and estimate the consequences of such behaviours (or non-behaviours) are complex and until recently were largely unknown to the broader public.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPedagogical cases in Physical Education and Youth Sport
EditorsKathleen Armour
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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  • pedagogical cases, harrassment, unacceptable sexual behavior, peer pressure, youth sport

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