Contribution on the Treaty of Courtrai, concluded on 28 March 1820 between Louis XVIII (King of France) and William I (King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands). This border demarcation treaty fixed the current Franco-Belgian border. It was the product of technical measurements in six sectors from the Moselle to the North Sea. The United Kingdom of the Netherlands acquired Philippeville and Mariembourg pursuant to Napoleon's defeat in 1815. This had not been foreseen in the 1814 Peace of Paris. Furthermore, the Duchy of Bouillon, which was incorporated to the "départements réunis" under the Revolutionary Regime, stayed united with the Low Countries. The treaty clauses settle the relations between the two states, but equally treat private claims and rights, as well as the regime of navigation for the Lys.
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JournalDe Leiegouw
Early online date17 Apr 2020
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jun 2020

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  • history of international law, borders, French history, Belgian history, Low Countries, Dutch history, peace treaty

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