BACKGROUND: A 2-level factorial pilot study was conducted in 2007 just before starting a randomized clinical trial comparing tomotherapy and conventional radiotherapy (CR) to reduce cardiac and pulmonary adverse effects in breast cancer, considering tumor laterality (left/right), target volume (with/without nodal irradiation), surgery (tumorectomy/mastectomy), and patient position (prone/supine). The study was revisited using a penalty score based on the recently developed mean absolute dose deviation (MADD).

METHODS: Eight patients with a unique combination of laterality, nodal coverage, and surgery underwent dual tomotherapy and CR treatment planning in both prone and supine positions, providing 32 distinct combinations. The penalty score was applied using the weighted sum of the MADDs. The Lenth method for unreplicated 2-level factorial design was used in the analysis.

RESULTS: The Lenth analysis identified nodal irradiation as the active main effect penalizing the dosimetry by 1.14 Gy (P = 0.001). Other significant effects were left laterality (0.94 Gy), mastectomy (0.61 Gy), and interactions between left mastectomy (0.89 Gy) and prone mastectomy (0.71 Gy), with P-values between 0.005 and 0.05. Tomotherapy provided a small reduction in penalty (reduction of 0.54 Gy) through interaction with nodal irradiation (P = 0.080). Some effects approached significance with P-values > 0.05 and ≤ 0.10 for interactions of prone × mastectomy × left (0.60 Gy), nodal irradiation × mastectomy (0.59 Gy), and prone × left (0.55 Gy) and the main effect prone (0.52 Gy).

CONCLUSIONS: The historical dosimetric analysis previously revealed the feasibility of tomotherapy, but a conclusion could not be made. The MADD-based score is promising, and a new analysis highlights the impact of factors and hierarchy of priorities that need to be addressed if major gains are to be attained.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages11
JournalTechnology in Cancer Research & Treatment
Publication statusPublished - 18 Sep 2020

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  • 2-level factorial; breast cancer, intensity-modulated therapy, metric system, radiotherapy, radiotherapy dosage, tomotherapy

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