The guinea pig oocyte is a better model than the mouse oocyte for studies on genetic hazard of ionizing radiation on the human female gamete. Confrontation with the several limitations of in-vivo studies, incited to work on the development of an in-vitro system for guinea pig ovarian follicles.
This manuscript describes the isolation of intact preantral guinea pig follicles and their subsequent stepwise culture development. Intact early preantral follicles can be grown up to the late preantral/early antral follicle stage within a culture period of 21 days. Steroid production patterns in conditioned medium prove the functionality of the theca-granulosa interaction. An ovulatory stimulus can reinitiate oocyte maturation. Current setup allows to culture oocytes that reach 86.5% of the final maximal diameter of in-vivo grown oocytes and proceed to GVBD in 80%. In order to obtain fully matured MII oocytes a further final step in the culture system is needed.
Original languageEnglish
JournalRBM Online
Issue numberRB 2009/4134
Publication statusPublished - 2009

    Research areas

  • guinea pig, preantral follicle, isolation, in vitro culture

ID: 1792041