The INSECT 2010 proceedings contains the following papers

Electrochemical Smoothing - Investigations of Surface Layer Properties depending on Various Electrochemical Machining Ways
Hydrodynamic Condition Influence on Electrochemical Machinability and Electrode Polarization
On the Role of the Current Efficiency in Precision ECM Processes: A Statistical Mechanical Approach

Simulation & Modeling
On the Role of Electrode Temperature in the ECM Process
Electrochemical Machining: A Topic for Teaching Multidisciplinary Engineering

ECM Experiments on Stainless Steels
In-Situ Investigation of the Influence of the Crystallographic Grain Orientation on the Anodic Dissolution of Copper under near-ECM Conditions
Investigation of the Anodic Dissolution on Cemented Carbides under near ECM Conditions
Electrochemical Machining of Intermetallic Phases

Applications, Part 1
Precision Finishing of Spur Gears by Electrochemical Honing Process under Pulse Current Condition
Electrochemical Arc Machining with Rotating Tool-Electrode
Micro Turning with Closed Electrolytic Free Jet
PECM of Small Parts with Micrometer Accuracy

Applications, Part 2
Analysis of Current Density vs. Potential Characteristic for Gold-Nickel-Electrodes using µPECMM
The Micromachining Processes supported by Electrochemical Dissolution Sidewall Isolation of Carbon Fibres for Usage in µECM
Electrochemical Micromachining of Bulk Metallic Glass
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages148
ISBN (Print)978-90-5487-818-6
Publication statusPublished - 5 Nov 2010

    Research areas

  • Electrochemical Machining, ECM

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