We will address our recent studies on the nucleation of protein crystals and the
characterization of the pre-nucleation phases. 1,2 Nucleation and formation of ordered and amorphous aggregates underlies a wide range of human disorders including neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. Aggregation of the low complexity domain of the protein hnRNPA2 involved in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 3 This intrinsically disordered protein is prone to liquid-liquid phase separation and forms metastable protein-rich phases that precede and facilitate the formation of aggregates.
In the second part we will elaborate on the effect of flow on crystallization. Both theory 4 and experiments 5 have indicated that flow affects the nucleation rate, the size of the emerging phase and polymorphism. Firstly, to enable detailed quantitative studies on the influence of shear flow on nucleation and growth, we have developed a new microfluidic setup that creates a controlled constant shear flow profile in a solution. Our experimental results are complemented by kinetic Monte Carlo simulations. Secondly, bulk acoustic waves offer the
possibility to quickly mix two liquid streams and to manipulate particles in microfluidic channels. Crystals were grown in the presence of an acoustic field. Once a desired size was reached the crystals focus rapidly on the pressure node offering the possibility to obtain crystals with a narrow size distribution. The latter is particularly interesting for the formulation of medication.
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Event17th International Conference on Crystallization of biological Macromolecules - Shanghai, China
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Conference17th International Conference on Crystallization of biological Macromolecules
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