Peacekeeping activities constitute the clear majority of UN efforts to resolve conflicts that threaten international peace and security. After the Cold War, the demand for peacekeeping operations increased steadily and the number, variety, difficulty and complexity of the tasks undertaken during these operations also increased with a need for third country participation. Studies show that troop contributions to international peace operations by small nations fluctuate more than larger nations. While empirical studies on this subject are abundant, qualitative studies are hardly found. Therefore, this study aims to fill this gap in the literature and derives theoretical arguments and hypotheses regarding the interests that motivate countries to send peacekeepers. We conduct a case study regarding Austria and Belgium’s peace engagements between 1990 and 2018. These two European countries differ in their patterns of peacekeeping contributions even though they have similar characteristics as developed countries. Belgium concentrates on NATO and EU missions even although the Rwanda trauma is no longer regarded as an adequate reason to explain its limited troop contributions to UN operations during the last decade. Austria, however, shows remarkable involvement in both UN-led and non-UN missions. Multiple stakeholders such as UN foreign policy elites, military officers actively involved in peacekeeping operations, decision-makers are interviewed. The interview results are combined with policy documents, data and literature to derive international incentives for the troop deployment of Austria and Belgium. The results also provide new insights in the peace and security policies of both countries.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 2019
Event23rd International Conference on Economics and Security - Instituto Universitario General Gutierrez Mellado, Madrid, Spain
Duration: 26 Jun 201928 Jun 2019


Conference23rd International Conference on Economics and Security
Abbreviated titleDeterminants of Troop Deployment: Belgium in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

    Research areas

  • determinants of troop deployment, peacekeeping

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