The course consist in part of lectures, where a/o following topics will be covered :
* The importance of entrepreneurship for modern economies; the degree of entrepeneurship in Belgium vs. other countries
* Industrial dynamics and dynamics of innovation
* business ecosystems; the role of standards, network effects and industrial clusters
* concepts and tools to assess startup projects
* financing growth oriented startups: business angels, venture capital, industrial partners...
* entrepreneurial teams
* entrepreneurial and B2B marketing
* corporate entrepreneurship
* patents and intellectual property rights
* the role of government in promoting entrepeneurship, government measures in Belgium
* business plans and valuation of startups

* Students receive a realistic feel of the reality of (growth oriented) entrepreneurship.
* Students receive insights in the economic importance of entrepreneurship ?
* Students receive insights in strategic and managerial aspects of entrepreneurial ventures ?
* Students receive insights in the policy tools used by governments to promote entrepreneurship
Original languageDutch
Journal(technological) entrepreneurship lecture notes
Publication statusPublished - 15 Sep 2009

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