Objective To explore the clinical and non-clinical factors on decision-making concerning admission to European stroke rehabilitation units (SRUs). Design Observational study on case-mix at intake combined with questionnaires and semi-structured interviews with the medical consultants (MC) of each SRU. Patients/Settings Clinical data gathered on 532 first-ever stroke patients. MCs of six SRUs in four European countries (United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland) Results Case-mix of stroke patients was significantly different between SRUs. Clinical criteria for admission were seldom explicit and were evaluated differently between the SRUs. In the British SRUs, diagnosis of stroke was the only criterion for admission to SRU. In the Belgian, German and Swiss SRUs, pre-morbid conditions were taken into account in admission decisions. The likelihood of discharge home was considered highly important in the Swiss SRU.
Conclusion Case-mix differences at intake could be linked to different appraisals of clinical and non-clinical factors of stroke patients. The findings urge to be more explicit about decision-making processes at admission to provide a more comprehensive insight into the interplay between context and process of care.
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PublisherACRM-ASNR congress
Publication statusPublished - 6 Oct 2007
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  • stroke rehabilitation unit, decision-making, admission

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