ELEDRIVE aims to:
- Create synergies at European level so accelerating the development and the introduction on the market on a larger scale of fuel cell, electric and hybrid vehicles in Europe.

- Help to select the most promising options for prototype bench and field testing of components and /or complete vehicles, so avoiding costly false start to the European industry.

- Facilitate the exchange of experience and the transfer of knowledge with the aim to ensure a global discussion ensuring a complete overview of the different problems so fostering research and development and helping to identify concrete and general solutions.

- Contribute to the integration of new generation vehicles that are fully in line with the objectives of the key action 'Economic and Efficient Energy for a Competitive Europe'
Effective start/end date1/12/0030/11/03

    Research areas

  • electricty, FUEL CELLS, HYBRID VEHICLES, Electric Vehicles, THEMATIC NETWORK

    Flemish discipline codes

  • Electrical and electronic engineering

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