Pre- and postoperative brain plasticity mechanisms play an important role in patients operated on for brain tumours. Due to the duration of tumour growth, progressive functional brain reshaping and recruitment of compensatory brain areas allow functional compensation of linguistic deficits (Duffau, 2014). However, insights in the exact mechanisms subserving and promoting neural reorganisation and functional compensation of language remain to be elucidated.

The general aim of this research proposal is to study language plasticity and language outcome in patients with brain tumours undergoing surgery. The unique goals of this project consist of: 1) an in-depth investigation of language reorganisation and compensation mechanisms via functional mapping (fMRI) and brain stimulation (tDCS), 2) an analysis of language outcome in the pre- and postoperative phase using standardised and sensitive assessment tools.

The use of fMRI and tDCS as well as in-depth language assessments will lead to a better understanding of the factors that determine language plasticity, language compensation and language recovery. It is expected that an improved insight in these mechanisms will have a beneficial effect on the quality of treatment and functional linguistic outcome of the patient. Moreover, it will substantially increase our understanding of the neural (re)organisation of language.
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