A lot of 3D-building models and programs for energy simulation exist which have proofed their usefulness and are frequently used since years. Unforttunatly feeding data to these energy simulation programs is complex, not user friendly, les interactive and difficult to handle by non-computer specialists. The aim is to make a model which makes it possible to feed data to the energy calculation programs in a user friendly way, interactive and fit for non-computer specialists, such as the designers. This model will use the information included in the 3D-models and will be build in order to require a minimum of external input. Essential is that the model can be used by all kinds of 3D-models and all kinds of hygrothermic simulation programs. From a practical point of view, the model has to analyse and structure all the information. We choosed to develop an object oriented data model with teh technique of OMT (object modelling technique)
Effective start/end date1/10/961/08/97

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