This proposal describes the research that is needed to complete a PHD-thesis. The thesis investigates the relationship between government policy and election results. In practical terms, five empirical papers investigate the intermediate role of social capital and heterogeneity of the population. Three finished research papers show that (1) the election results are affected by (economic) policies; (2) social capital makes instrumental voting more attractive and (3) social capital increases political involvement of citizens. To finish the PHD-thesis two more papers need to be completed. In these papers the perception of political actors (politicians and voters) is studied. In a fourth paper we study whether politicians possess perfect information. In practical terms, we investigate whether politicians are able to correctly predict the election result for their own party and if systematic prediction errors can be explained by the level of heterogeneity of the population. In a final paper we investigate whether better informed citizens (by the presence of social capital) base their opinions on 'objective' (economic) Indicators such as local level of unemployment, local taxes, ....
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