The CastGate project aims at breaking the current deadlock in the use of Internet multicast, and also to provide solutions for some problems remaining in Internet multicast that are currently unresolved and need to be attended to in the context of the use in a more professional and commercial exploitation. Though available as a technical solution in the Internet for some time, Internet multicast has been dormant until now for different technical and practical reasons, and is simply unavailable to the average Internet user. But Internet multicast is considered an essential requirement for the large scale distribution of among others digital radio and television broadcasts using the Internet, as announced recently in several projects.
In this project, a technical solution is offered to allow every Internet user access to the functionality, so that it may eventually deploy. In addition, some deficiencies and missing functionalities need to be addressed in the context of a normal (commercial) exploitation, such as security, Digital Rights Management, accounting for billing purposes, access control, etc. The use of Internet multicast in the context of Audio and Video on demand and Adaptive Rate video proves also to become increasingly important, and technical solutions need to be found.
Effective start/end date1/01/0531/12/08

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  • telecommunications, multicast, Internet

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