The PAC- system can be used to perform four types of activites, namely: active material preparation, active material coating, assembly and dismantling of half cells, coin cell and small pouch cells, and material analysis using X- Ray Diffraction (XRD). First activity of active material preparation involves a high temperature furnace to mix the reactants and form the active material(AM) at high temperature, then formulating the electrode material with the AM, conductive agents and binder in a ball mill. Secondly, the coating, involves automatic coater with a doctor blade, which helps coating of the electrode material on the current collector, then drying it in a vacuum furnace. Third action, assembly and dismantling involves die cutters, ultrasonic welding,vacuum sealer, crimping machine, dismantling machine and consumables depending on the type of half cell. Finally, characterization with XRD in-situ to analyze phase change of the electrode materials using a dedicated LeRiChe'S cell.
Short titlePAC-system
Effective start/end date1/03/1628/02/19

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  • XRD, Glovebox, Coin cells, Half cells


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