• Derom, Inge (Scientific Promotor)
  • Deelen, Ineke (Collaborator)


At the start of the summer holiday, international attention will focus on the city of Brussels and the organization of the Tour de France Grand Départ 2019. Brussels will show its strengths to an international audience. The activation program of Brussels Grand Départ started on 28 March 2019, exactly 100 days before the start of the Tour de France on 6 July 2019. The activation program stimulates the enthusiasm for Brussels Grand Départ among residents, visitors, associations, volunteers and companies. With this research proposal we want to map the social impact of the organization of the Brussels Grand Départ by means of a survey among residents of the Brussels-Capital Region.
Effective start/end date1/07/1931/12/19

    Flemish discipline codes

  • Sports sciences

    Research areas

  • sport event, social impact, experience

ID: 47069639