• Bradt, Lieve (Coördinator)
  • Spruyt, Bram (Administrative Promotor)
  • Put, Johan (Co-Promotor)
  • Stefaan, Pleysier (Co-Promotor)


The Flemish Youth and Children's Rights Policy Plan (JKP) is based on a decree in the decree of 20 January 2012 on a renewed youth and children's rights policy. Art. 3, § 1 states the following:

No later than one year after the start of each term of government, the Flemish Government submits a Flemish youth and children's rights policy plan to the Flemish Parliament. This youth and children's rights policy plan establishes the youth and children's rights policy of the Flemish Government. For the next policy period and within an overall vision of youth and youth and children's rights policy, it indicates the priority objectives of the Flemish Government and determines the result indicators.

Together, the partners ensure that the actions and objectives within these project plans are specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound (SMART). Specifically, it concerns the project plans that will be drawn up for the following priorities, determined in the decision of the Flemish Government of 7 September 2018:

1. Well-being and Positive identity development 2. Healthy and Livable Neighborhoods 3. Commitment in society through voluntary efforts 4. Leisure activities for all 5. Media literacy

The aforementioned decree stipulates that each project plan must contain an action plan with actions, milestones and result indicators.

Given the unique expertise of the different departments that make up the JOP, the researchers at KU Leuven take on priority 1 and 2, VUB 3 and 5 and UGent priority 4. The JOP occupies a unique position as a scientific support center for youth; this consortium of different departments combines years of expertise in the above themes and research into the intended target group and is therefore taken on as a priority partner for this assignment. This assignment falls outside the management agreement of the JOP 2016-2020.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/24

    Flemish discipline codes

  • Sociology of child, adolescence and youth

    Research areas

  • Youth, Well-being and Positive identity development, Healthy and Livable Neighborhoods, Commitment in society through voluntary commitment Leisure, activities for all, Media literacy

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