The Humane Alumni Network brings together everyone who has participated in the three residential schools delivered jointly with our partner, EFMD.
The Alumni Network began as the Winter School Alumni Network (WSAN) in 2003, when it was set up by participants of the first Winter School, as part of HUMANE’s provision for university professionals at all stages of their careers.
Commencing with the HUMANE-EFMD Winter School, the Alumni Network has over 440 members from 168 universities in 25 different countries.
The Alumni Network delivers an annual seminar each autumn, which is normally hosted by an alumnus of a HUMANE-EFMD residential school. This provides an opportunity for recent graduates of our various programmes to be reunited with their colleagues as well as meet others who have been active in the Network for many years.
The 17th Seminar "A European Higher Education Area? From vision to action" will be hosted by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel at the Brussels Humanities, Sciences and Engineering Campus.

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