Sandwich panels with insulating cores are quite innovative in construction as they offer the option of constructing lightweight structures with excellent insulation and spatial use. However, looking at recent events of severe fires spread through these panels (e.g. Grenfell Tower London) it is concluded that their fire safety is still questionable. The objective of this research is to investigate ways of preventing the collapse of these sandwich elements in case of a fire, while slowing down the materials' degradation, which means extending the evacuation time for the building. This has to be achieved with methods applicable by the current technology in industry and with materials that will not undermine the element's structural behavior. Using Textile-Reinforced Concrete as a material for the thin faces could be part of the solution, however, very little is known on this material's fire behavior. Therefore, this project will include an extended experimental and analytical-numerical basic research program that will give an insight in the material's fire behavior and thus its influence in the whole structure's behavior. Models of the fire behavior of Textile-Reinforced Concrete will be developed, calibrated and verified according to the fire test results. Using this knowledge, different design strategies will be investigated for the sandwich panels to resist fire and at the same time be optimal in terms of loadbearing capacity, material use and cost.
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  • mechanics, materials, engineering, coating, fire resistance

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