Within marketing communications the emphasis has recently shifted away from mass communication. One of the reazsons being the low effectiveness, caused by media clutter on the one hand and the changing consumer on the other. recent developments in inforamtion aznd communication technolgyenchange the possibilities in interactive communication. The later presenting at the same time a great challenge and opportunity. Interactive communication and the resulting enchanced possibility to build up long-term relationships with valuable customers, is for most companies a major topic. This is called relationship arketing. With the emergence of relationship marketing; the focus has shifted away from costumer a acquisition to customer retention. The literature and our own explratory research indicate aims primarily at developing a valid and reliable scale to measure individual comsumer proneness to engage in relationships n order to be able to discern the impact of this relationship receptivity on the effectiveness of relationship marketing in a retail setting. In other words, we will try to discover how people, differing in their proneness to engage in relationships, can best beapporached in order to retain them as satisfied longterm customers.
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  • Consumer Behaviour, Relationship, Personality, Marketing communication

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