During prior research, the µFlow group has developed an innovative 3D emulsifier concept. This device allows for high throughput production of monodisperse droplets, the precursors for monodisperse microspheres. The first prototypes have been CNC milled, limited to a size > 250 µm. However, from industrial literature and during the first explanatory meetings with industrial partners, it has become clear that the many applications benefiting from monodisperse microspheres require particle diameters in the range of sub 100 µm. Some predefined markets that benefit strongly from monodisperse microspheres include slow-drug-release, cosmetic fillers and other cosmetic applications, which are all related to markets with a high added value. The evolution from regulatory governmental institutions is towards a better control of the size of particles used in pharmaceutical applications. This require innovative equipment to replace the currently used static rotor mixers, often having multiple filtration steps downstream the process flow. It is therefore that the µFlow group wishes to use its expertise in the domain of silicon microfluidic device design and wafer fabrication for microfluidics to reach these requirements by submitting this proof of concept project. Within this project issues arising from miniaturization, as increased surface to volume ratio and concomitant impact on wettability, will have to be resolved. Also, the validation for the application of slow-drug-release will be shown.
Effective start/end date1/10/1831/12/19

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  • Particle design and technology

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