Effective start/end date1/01/0931/12/09

    Research areas

  • Mass Spectrometry, Tipping Sites, Hydroconversion, Structured Catalysts, Environmental Research, Zeolites, Treatment Of Waste, Pollutants, Bioreactors, Gas Separation, Gasification, High Throughput Screening, Liquid Chromatography, Waste Water, Gas Cleaning, Recycling Of Waste, Modelling, Packaging, Fine Chemicals, Separation, Fluidisation, Fungi, Chemical Waste, Miniaturization, Rapid Screening, Biomass, Combustion, Energy, Oxidation, Zeolite, Adsorption, Chemical Engineering, Catalysis

    Flemish discipline codes

  • (Bio)chemical engineering
  • Mechanical and manufacturing engineering
  • Chemical sciences
  • Materials engineering

ID: 3302463