The ORCA Project proposal addresses topic GV-03-2016, “System and cost optimised hybridisation of road vehicles” of the Green Vehicle work programme. The work proposed will, in a single coordinated project, address all the aspects of the domain 2 “For pure and plug-in hybrids, power-train system integration and optimisation through the re-use of waste heat, advanced control, downsizing of ICEs, innovative transmissions and the integration of electronic components” regarding Heavy Duty Vehicles.The activity proposed will be conducted by an 11-member consortium from 7 different European Members States representing all requested competencies in the field of powertrain optimization for Heavy Duty vehicles. The consortium comprises OEMs with IVECO-ALTRA, CRF and VOLVO (also members of EUCAR, suppliers VALEO, BOSCH, JOHNSON MATTHEY and JSR MICRO (CLEPA), leading Engineering and Technology Companies/organizations and Universities with TNO, FRAUNHOFER, and VUB (EARPA). The majority of the consortium are also active members of ERTRAC and EGVIA.The overall objectives of the ORCA project are:* Reduce the TCO to the same as diesel vehicle TCO level, targeting over 10% system cost premium reduction compared to actual IVECO hybrid bus and VOLVO conventional truck with the same performances, same functionalities and operative cost, and also targeting up to 10% rechargeable energy storage (RES) lifetime/energy throughput improvement.* Improve the hybrid powertrain efficiency up to 5% compared to actual IVECO hybrid bus and conventional truck through optimized RES selection & sizing and by improving the energy and ICE management.* Reduce the fuel consumption by 40% compared to an equivalent conventional HD vehicle (bus & truck).* Downsize the ICE by at least 50% compared to actual IVECO hybrid bus and VOLVO conventional truck.* Improve the electric range from 10km to 30km by adding the PHEV capabilities and optimising the RES capacity.* Case study assessment to replace a diesel engine by a CNG engine for future heavy-duty vehicles.
Short titleORCA
Effective start/end date1/10/1630/09/20

    Research areas

  • Batteries, Heavy duty vehicles, Buses, Trucks, Energy management, Life cycle assessment

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