Orfit Industries manufactures thermoplastic polymer sheets for use in medical applications such as orthotics and prosthetics, physical rehabilitation, and radiation oncology. Depending on the application, the extruded sheets are either molded directly onto the patient (using low-melting-temperature thermoplastics, LMTTP), or onto a positive mold (using high-melting-temperature thermoplastics, HMTTP). The mechanical stability of the polymeric structure used is of major importance to achieve an adequate fixation of the body segment involved. In this respect, our main goal is to develop by means of twin-screw extrusion innovative nanocomposite thermoplastic sheets with improved mechanical properties in order to differentiate from our competitors and to slow down the competition from Asia (e.g., China).

Use of nanocomposites allows to reduce the plate thickness, thus to reduce the material and energy-cost.
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