Philosophy The present research is part of this broader Clea project and will examine the discourse on self-understanding. We perceive this discourse on self-understanding as a sub-discourse of the Enlightenment discourse within the Western worldview. More specifically, we will investigate how Western individuals see themselves and justify their actions based on this discourse. Who are we, how do we judge ourselves and also, how do we understand or judge other cultural constellations? The assumption made in this research is that the Enlightenment discourse unintentionally offers an undersized kit for self-understanding, which we will call 'limited self-understanding'. Researchers at Clea recognise the existence of a problematic side-effect of limited self-understanding in the sensethat it seems related to problems at the individual, societal and ecological levels. It is one of the goals of this research to describe the basis of this limited self-understanding, as well as its conceptual relation with the problems referred to above. Another important aim is to elaborate some first steps to an enlarged kit for self-understanding. We assume that this conceptual widening can have a positive effect on the individual, societal and ecological problems. A third goal is to place the unintentionally limited self-understanding, and the wider perception that will be elaborated in this research, in the wider context of globalisation. More specifically, we will investigate in what way diagnoses and solutions are compatible or incompatible with the alter-globalisation movement.
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