Living WATER for living cities -Livin-WATER- will demonstrate how cities can adopt ‘Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) trajectories’ to improve their water management and climate change resilience, while improving liveability and well-being of citizens. Several multi-functional NBS - innovative green roofs and rain gardens associated to social urban-farms; rehabilitation and phytoremediation systems in urban wetlands; city-scale rehabilitation and connection of urban blue/green networks - will be coherently implemented in the ‘front-runner’ cities of Porto (Portugal) and Forest (Belgium), acting as ‘living-labs’, to address major local challenges (flooding, water-scarcity, water quality issues). NBS will be the object of an exemplary participatory approach to co-design, co- development, co-implementation and co-experimentation, and monitored to assess their impacts on the population and environment.Eight partner ‘follower’ cities – Girona & Salt (Spain), Leeds and Brighton & Hove (UK), Seine-Saint-Denis (France), Volvi (Greece), Legnano (Italy), Uskudar (Turkey) and Ramla (Israel) - will directly benefit from the coaching of the ‘front-runners’ and, through the involvement of local stakeholders and end-users, will develop their own thriving NBS trajectories, concretized by the adoption of city-specific NBS plans. For both ‘front-runners’ and ‘followers’, NBS will become a common practice toward sustainability.To promote the development of NBS trajectories inside and outside the consortium, a trans-disciplinary group of academic partners and enterprises will support the local actions of cities by guaranteeing a state-of-the-art implementation of NBS and the maximization of environmental, hydrological and climatic benefits. Common frameworks, tools and guidelines - for participation, monitoring and assessment, NBS planning and implementation - will be produced and openly shared with all the interested cities, creating a large and long- lasting NBS-community.
Short titleLivinWater
Effective start/end date6/06/166/09/16

    Research areas

  • Urban Water management, Flooding, Stable isotopes, Urban development, Sustainable cities

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  • Geology
  • Geochemistry
  • Urban and regional design, development and planning

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