Growing international competition between nations leads towards increasing interests of scientists to identify factors that affect the succes of nations and sport systems and elite sport policies in different nations describes the global sporting arms race and tries to clarify the factors leading to growing effectiveness of elite sport policy. This term, the global sporting arms race, reflects the current situation where more nations are investing more strategically in elite sport and international competition among nations is increasing (De Bosscher, 2007).
By gaining insights in factors leading to international sporting success on in athletics, international research can create a deeper understanding in the good government of elite sport policies and the success of nations within international competition. Defining the determinants of competitiveness as the key success areas of elite sport policies in athletics, we can define the competitiveness of elite sport policies of nations within international competition. thsi research project is an aspect of the international SPLISS-study, which tries to explain the elite sport success of nations by determining and evaluating the sport policy factors leading to international sporting success on a qualitative basis.
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