uCARe: aims to be complete in the coverage of user-related emissions aspects and types of pollutants. By also implementing, monitoring and evaluating proposed measures, uCARe ensures that these are the most effective. When these effective reduction measures are implemented, pollutant emissions reductions for an individual vehicle as high as 50% are envisaged.

InterConnect envisages to contribute for the democratization of efficient energy management, through a flexible and interoperable ecosystem where demand side flexibility can be soundly integrated with effective benefits to end-users.

BD4OPEM: Energy power systems face big challenges to cope with grid integration demands of an ever-increasing number of distributed generation and consumption devices in an interconnected world. Technology offers a huge range of opportunities to develop solutions in the uncertain current and upcoming Energy market situation. This proposal considers Open Innovation as a natural solution to create a seamless link and balance between energy stakeholders needs and the solutions to be developed.

Short titleUcare + InterCONNECT +BD4OPEM
Effective start/end date1/05/1930/04/22

    Research areas

  • emission, pollutants

    Flemish discipline codes

  • Air pollution and control

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