Europe has successfully extended its competencies in key enabling technologies for electric mobility in recent years and new supply chains are developed worldwide. Many potential target markets are located outside Europe, e.g. in highly innovative regions such as United States, Japan, and South Korea, and China or in the emerging countries like India. While major European vehicle manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers have quickly adopted this trend by establishing global alliances, most small and medium size companies have remained hesitant to reach out for global opportunities so far. The reason for this is a lack of reliable information about market opportunities, -requirements, - access and absence of appropriate networks. Lingual and cultural differences are often seen as additional hurdles. Moreover, small and medium size companies are still focusing on costumer relations in their domestic markets. They hardly think and plan on a longer timescale, and avoid acting on abroad markets. In light of this situation, the GO4SEM project aims at spreading awareness of global market trends and opportunities, triggering the creation of dedicated professional networks and giving policy advice e.g. on standardization or education. This requires a thorough analysis of the electric mobility supply chains in the United States, Japan, South Korea, China and India, and on matching with the competencies of small and medium size companies and regional cluster thereof in Europe. Eventually, the project will lead single European companies to consider an adaption of their dedicated technology to the requirements of electric mobility markets abroad, and to seizing the related economic opportunities. In a broader sense, the project will strengthen the global competitiveness of the European industry being active in the domain of electric mobility by linking the relevant stakeholders, preparing them for, and making them aware of, the opportunities and challenges of the worldwide developments.
Short titleGo4SEM
Effective start/end date1/09/1331/10/15

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  • Mechanical and manufacturing engineering
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  • Electric Installations, Computational Electromagnetics, Numerical Electromagnetic Simulations, Computational Electrochemistry, Electric Vehicles, Electrochemistry, Global Markets, Value Chains, Traction Batteries And Battery Chargers

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