The VIB-VUB center of Structural Biology has a long tradition in the valorisation of fundamental research in applications in Biotechnology and Medicine and aims to translate research in the fields of (1) Nanobody-assisted drug discovery, (2) Nanobodies as innovative tools in structural genomics, and (3) Nanobodies as first-in-class antibacterials into value. At first, we aim to extend our strong IP portfolio to protect the technology platforms. It is self-evident that a pro-active filing strategy will be maintained, to further strengthen our patent position and secure FTO. VIB and VUB will take a supportive role in evaluating the patentability of results coming out of the project and designing an optimal IP strategy.
One of the most effective ways to create value out of IP and know-how developed by our research is to establish new start-up companies. We will exploit our extensive scientific expertise in the field of Nanobody technology and our positive experiences with spinning out,, and ConfoTherapeutis to start new businesses. We will tap into our existing investor network base, including local and international funds to start finance new initiatives. If spin off is not the best option, we will strive to valorise our IP via licensing deals, aiming to keep freedom to operate for other valorisation opportunities.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/24

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  • biotechnology, medicine, nanobodies

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  • Medical biotechnology not elsewhere classified

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