The research groups REGE, REIM, BENE, BITE, CMIM, EFAR, ICMI, ITVD and LIVR are all active in medical research at the VUB and are all experienced in the use of classical fluorescence confocal microscopy. They now share the need to image biological samples beyond the current confocal limitations in tissue size and acquisition speed. Classical confocal microscopy has reached its frontier as the high light intensity used is toxic for live samples and it does not allow for analysis of samples with a thickness above 100 micrometer. Light sheet microscopy with its radically different principle of visualization allows for the analysis of fixed samples with a considerable thickness and the speed of acquisition reduces the phototoxic effects on live samples. Examples of samples we propose to research with the new instrument are human embryos implanting the endometrium in vitro (REGE/REIM), whole mouse/human fetal pancreases (BENE), whole mouse testis and 3D testicular constructs (BITE), spatial organization of immune cells in cleared organs (CMIM), thick slices of living mouse brain tissue (EFAR), mouse organs injected in vivo with fluorescent tracers (ICMI), adult stem cells growing and differentiating in spherical structures (ITVD) and liver slices (LIVR). Access to light sheet microscopy will for each of the
partners advance the progress in their respective field of expertise, it will allow reaching important milestones and help create competitiveness for the groups and the VUB.
Effective start/end date1/05/1830/04/22

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  • Microscopy

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  • Molecular diagnostics

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