The main objective of the 4-year Flamenco project is to create an open cloud-based software platform specifically designed for allowing citizens to create and participate in so-called citizen observatory campaigns. A campaign is defined by stakeholders by specifying what data needs to be collected in order to map and indicate some concern. Subsequently, the campaign is enacted through the stakeholder’s citizen observatory, which also monitors campaign progress in terms of incoming data, and orchestrates activities in case progress is not as expected. Finally, the campaign is analysed by producing the requested output (maps, reports). Despite the fact that campaigns constitute a fairly obvious notion, there currently exists only limited support for them. In this project they are essential in bridging the gap between stakeholder usability, data quality, and the well-known intricacies of engineering reconfigurable software. The platform will be valorised though a use case in soft mobility i.e. a participatory data colection campaign will be launched in cooperation with the stakeholders.
Short titleFLAMENCO
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/19

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  • participatory sensing, citizen observatory, mobility, UMT

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  • Statistics

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