Quantum information is a field of research that has managed to become a significant topic in exact and applied sciences during the last decennia. Nevertheless known applications can be brought back to a handful of superb ideas explained in low-level language. On top of this it i extremely difficult to find natural problems that can be solved elegantly on a quantum computer. Our thesis is that is it way too soon to assume that quantum information is only going to lead to a discrete set of useful components rather that to a stand-alone programming paradigm, and that computer science should play a crucial role in answering this question. What we propose is to enlarge the experimental space by considering correlations more broadly within the context of computer science. In this we start from the assumptions that 1) entanglement is the driving force behind efficient quantum computations and 2) correlations are pervasive in computer science, and as such we have to determine the characteristics of a programming paradigm based on correlations within this larger context.
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  • programming paradigms, quantum computation

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  • Mathematical sciences

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