Electric vehicles in Action, EVA, is an initiative of public and private partners to stimulate electric driving. The consortium is led by Eandis. EVA will examine en tackle the challenges around electric drive in Flanders. It is an open platform: researchers, entrepreneurs and the government find support for innovative initiatives in Flanders. In the coming months, EVA will built up a 'living laboratory' to test electric vehicles and their accompanying infrastructure in real life conditions. This living lab will include: - the largest charging infrastructure in Flanders: EVA includes the construction of more than 200 charching stations by september 2012. On the public road more than 70 charching islands will be active in Flanders. A charging Island combines loading poles for bicycles, electric cars and vans with a WiFi hotspot. The charging Islands also have a smart meter and broadband communications, the so-called 'smart charging places'. Loading can be remotely monitored and controlled. In addition to a well targeted distribution of loading piles, EVA also provides loading points in and around large cities and in specific regions. In addition, there will be also loading points on semi public domain such as supermarkets, pay car parks or shopping malls. - A large and very varied test fleet: preferably 161 electric vehicles be tested by a representative test population. The test fleet includes a wide pallet of over 20 different brands and types of vehicles including electric vans, buses, scooters and quads - An important source of data for research and development: Within EVA different expertise and research centres for electric mobility will examine how electric driving can be optimally exploited. The charging infrastructure, test fleet and test population will provide an important input for statistical research and knowledge about technical parameters in electric vehicles, loading parameters and usage patterns.
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  • Electric Installations, Computational Electromagnetics, Numerical Electromagnetic Simulations, Lighting, Computational Electrochemistry, Electric Vehicles, Electrochemistry, Traction Batteries And Battery Chargers, Cathodic Protection

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