To remain competitive and energy-efficient, small- and medium-sized enterprises SMEs) need access to the kind of sophisticated logistics systems that global corporations use.But such systems are usually beyond the resources of SMEs. ESSENCE seeks to establish a free ICT network that lets SMEs manage logistics and optimize their supply chain by designing their own business networks.Project pilots explore the use of customized eServices that give logistics support to individual SMEs.SMEs can see a chance in improving their competitiveness and their international performance by exploiting the ESSENCE ICT network.Scientific will also be attracted from the possible exploitation of the ESSENCE network to commercialize research results and to establish partnerships with the entrepreneurial world.Partner institutions' employees and their networks, (intermediaries, multipliers, innovation agencies, etc.) can be interested in improving their network and experiment cooperation by make use of existing and new knowledge more efficiently.Policy makers and indirect beneficiaries can see ESSENCE as an innovative project that tackles the logistic sector, and helps policy makers to integrate results and recommendations into local policies as well as will allow decision makers to learn from other experience and to import the best actions available on the market. +
Effective start/end date1/11/1331/10/14

    Research areas

  • Databases, Evolution of language, Programming languages, Mobile Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Serious games, Web systems, Software agents

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  • Mathematical sciences

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