The role of the VUB concerns coordinating the desk research (WP1) and the evaluation of the pilot projects (WP6). In cooperation with the other partners, the VUB is responsible to map and analyse the existing educational initiatives for European foreign national prisoners detained in a foreign European country and the existing research and projects about this topic. The VUB will develop a desk research that consists of three parts:

A literature review that provides more insight into the profile of European foreign national prisoners in Europe, the difficulties they experience, and their participation in educational programmes.

The results of an online survey that aims to get more information about the educational offer for European foreign national prisoners and the availability of ICT-facilities within the prisons. Respondents are prison managers and educational providers.

Based on the online survey, five best practices across Europe are selected and investigated more in-depth. Through interviews, we examine how they organise education for European foreign national prisoners and/or ICT, the impact, and process when developing these practices.

In a later phase of the project, the VUB is responsible for the empirical evaluation of the pilot projects. Attention will be paid to the effects that these pilot projects have, how satisfied the participants are and how these projects are developed (e.g., success factors, barriers, cooperation with other institutions). Besides, the VUB actively contributes to the other work packages (e.g., building a network within Europe, the future search event, dissemination, formulating policy advice).
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