This project will focus on the development of a 2-D composite, based on a textile substrate and a polymer matrix. This composite serves as the substrate of a selfadhesive coating. The main application is a coating layer for the car industry. The new coating must fullfil several technological and ecological requirements such as:applicable in a large temperature range, fire retardant, good degradation stability and release properties. The polymer matrix should be waterbased. The most important research topics in this project are the adhesion between matrix and textile, the formulation of the matrix with suited additives to obtain the desired properties and the process technology for the production of the composite. The development will be triggered via fundamental research on reaction kinetics and microstructure of the interphases.
Effective start/end date1/01/0231/12/04

    Research areas

  • coating, textile substrate, fire-retardant, interphase

    Flemish discipline codes

  • Physical sciences
  • Mechanical and manufacturing engineering
  • Chemical sciences
  • Materials engineering

ID: 2994692