The most important societal issues with which Flanders and Europe will be confronted in coming decades is the twofold ageing of the population. The three principal policy issues that arise in this context are: i) the manner in which the burden of population ageing should/can be distributed between and within generations; ii) the development of high-quality and affordable care support for all; iii) and the enhancement of participation by the elderly in economic, social, political and cultural life in order that the capital of experience, knowledge and skills that the elderly represent could be utilised maximally. As far as the Flemish policy level is concerned, all aspects of these problematic areas are relevant: policy on formal and informal care for the elderly, including the Flemish care insurance system, employment policy, tax policy, housing policy, sociocultural and educational policy and, as a context for all policy domains, the structure of income and expenditure distribution and particularly the position occupied by the weaker groups (who may be targets of specific provisions).

Some important research has already been conducted into the socio-economic aspects of population ageing in Flanders, but often this research is insufficiently prospective and informative for policy purposes. Moreover, usually a European angle is lacking, even though Flemish policy can obviously draw lessons from developments in other European countries. We therefore propose to construct an interdisciplinary knowledge platform with a view to:
* bringing together available expertise in Flanders in the field of policy-oriented research inti the issue of population ageing;
* collecting high-quality data for Flanders that allow comparison with other regions and countries in Europe;
* developing research instruments and methods to analyse these data in dynamic perspective and to test policy alternatives for their economic and social efficiency.
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