We can no longer imagine living without optical fiber technology. Most of our e-mails and website visits are transmitted as a series of very fast light signals through optical fibers, which are tiny transparent wires. But they are not only used for internet communication. VUB B-PHOT makes use of very special optical fibers fabricated either from glass or plastic that incorporate microscopically small airholes. This photonics research group has indeed specialised in the design and characterization of photonic crystal fibers and more specifically in the realization of sensors made thereof. These newest optical fibers allow to tackle important asset monitoring challenges: they can measure pressure in oil boreholes, detect damage in airplanes or inspect water samples for pollution. In such applications it is required to equip these fibers with a small sensor element in a well-controlled manner. This is possible by the inscription of so-called fiber Bragg gratings, which are tiny wavelength-selective mirrors inside the core of the
optical fiber. Fabricating these sensor elements in the newest generations of optical fibers and hence enabling new applications for such fibers requires a flexible “fiber Bragg grating manufacturing tool”, the financing of which is requested in this project.
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