The Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VITO and ULB have developed the Ecoscore, a well-to-wheel environmental vehicle rating tool. This tool has been developed to apply in different policy measures to promote the purchase and use of cleaner vehicles. In the CLEVER project, a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of vehicles with conventional and alternative fuels (LPG, CNG, alcohols, bio-fuels, biogas and hydrogen) and/or alternative propulsion systems (battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles) will be performed. Next to the well-to-wheel emissions, this LCA tool will include all cradle-to-grave emissions (including production and end-of-life of the vehicle). Recent developments in fuel production and new vehicle technologies will be taken into account and special attention will be devoted to the well-to-tank emissions of bio-fuels and hydrogen and on the crucial influence of the energy-mix (i.e. combination of energy sources) for power production for (plug-in) electric vehicles for road transport.
From a user perspective, lifetime cost is often the key factor to choose a new vehicle. Price instruments are suitable to integrate the environmental performance of vehicles in this purchase decision. CLEVER will allow to investigate possible policy measures towards a more sustainable car choice. The investigated policy instruments will not only focus on individual vehicle-buying behaviour but also on policies towards companies and public authorities.
The Ecoscore tool is also a suitable indicator to monitor the environmental performance of the whole vehicle fleet. Possibilities for adapting the vehicle fleet to a more ecological composition will be analyzed, taking into account the factors that determine the optimal time of replacement, socio-economic feasibility, etc. All these aspects will take into account external costs including environmental impacts and social resistance associated with the selected technologies.
The focus of CLEVER is the passenger car market. In all analyses, a qualitative reflection will be done towards possible extrapolation to heavy duty vehicles, with buses as a special case because of their capability to be an early adopter for new technologies.
Short titleCLEVER
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