Goods, waste and service trips in urban areas impose negative traffic and environmental impacts, and there is a need for cost-effective and sustainable solutions. CITYLAB is a European funded H2020/Civitas project with the objective to develop knowledge and solutions that result in scale-up and rollout of strategies, measures and tools for emission-free city logistics in urban centres by 2030. CITYLAB improves basic knowledge and understanding on areas of freight distribution and service trips in urban areas that have received too little attention to date. The project also tests and implements seven innovative solutions that are promising in terms of impact on traffic, externalities and business profitability and have a high potential for future growth. Finally, CITYLAB also provides a platform for replication and spreading supported solutions. The core of CITYLAB is a set of living laboratories where cities work as contexts for innovation and implementation processes.
MOBI leads CITYLAB’s work package on evaluation and is responsible of developing the evaluation framework as well as dedicated CITYLAB dashboards. The dashboards show a graphical presentation of the status and the historical trends of the implementations’ KRI and context. MOBI also contributes to the work package on living lab interaction and transfer by organising a MAMCA workshop in each living lab to assess support for further rollout of the CITYLAB solutions in the other CITYLAB cities.
Short titleCITYLAB
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