Experiments have always been used to validate theoretical findings and to give input for the creation of new theories. Consequently, laboratory experiments with human subjects have crucial roll in testing the theories developed in game theory or more general in economics. However, to our knowledge, there is still no experimental laboratory in Belgium dedicated to behavioral economic experiments, making it very difficult for Belgium-based scientist to preform these experiments. Here we aim to change that and form a Brussels experimental economics laboratory, which initial goal will be to serve for the experiments planed in my postdoctoral fellowship “How do we really respond in iterated games – inferring strategies from behavioural experiments in the Prisoners Dilemma game”. As a part of this project a series of long Prisoner Dilemma game experiments will be performed (around 100 rounds), which will be analysed to understand the strategies that people use in playing this game. Initial steps have been taken to set up the recruitment of students to participate in the experiments. Once the first experiments are up and running, and after an initial evaluation of the different procedures, the laboratory will be available to economic researchers from the VUB, who have already expressed there interest in making use of this unique resource.
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