This project wants to trace and map the 'poetics of dramaturgy' of Marianne Van Kerkhoven (19462013), who was very influential on the international development of contemporary dramaturgy.
A dramaturg is a mysterious figure in contemporary theatre and dance. They help to give birth to a performance, but they don't consider themselves 'artists'. Their labour gradually disappears during the creation process, even to the extent that the audience often ignores the existence of the dramaturg and his/her work. The project aims at reconstructing Van Kerkhoven's working procedures, her ideas of what dramaturgical practices should be.
At the same time the research project aims to situate Van Kerkhoven's influence in the context of Flemish and international theatre and dance. She worked with internationally renowned artists as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Jan Lauwers, Kris Verdonck, Guy Cassiers, Jan Ritsema.
Finally, there's also a pedagogical intention in that it aims not only at describing Van Kerkhoven's dramaturgical practices, but also to make it possible to pass on her experience and legacy to younger generations of theatre makers. Van Kerkhoven had started to do exactly that but this endeavor was cut short by her untimely death.
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18

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