Batteries play a central role in Europe's transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Versatile and high-performance energy storage systems reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector, stabilize the power grid, and support a broad range of strategic industries including medical devices, aerospace, and advanced robotics. In nearly all aspects of modern life, batteries enable innovation.The ambitious vision for BATTERY 2030+ is to invent the batteries of the future.Our vision is broad but focalise specific challenges. Fostering an innovative and collaborative community among researchers and industry gives Europe the opportunity to take the lead in a market that will almost certainly drive technology development for a generation. The mission for BATTERY 2030+ is to supply revolutionaryfundamental andtechnologicalbreakthroughs to the European battery value chain.Battery development is at a cross-road. The global demand for batteries is immense and projected to grow even further. At the same time, the current Li-ion technology is approaching its limits. The future is open for new ideasand concepts. BATTERY 2030+ will provide the scientific and high-tech advances needed to provideEuropean industry a competitive edge.
Short titleBATTERY2030
Effective start/end date1/03/1931/05/20

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  • Electronic circuit and system reliability
  • Battery technology
  • Renewable power and energy systems engineering

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  • Batteries

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