The project is investigating the life history of August Vermeylen, who for many years was professor in the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and became the first rector of the dutchified University of Ghent. Diachronically, the biography is attached to local, national and international institutions: including 'associations' and all sorts of other forms of sociability (cultural circles, magazines, political groups, salons, etc.), of which Vermeylen was a member at every stage of his life. Serving as the leitmotif are his literary and art historical publications in relation to those places of sociability. Thus, an equal place is given to context and text in this 'institutional' biography. Synchronously, we follow the role that Vermeylen played in the generation of 1870, on both French and Dutch-speaking sides, the members of which participated in the same circles. In this way, both the private and public life of one person and the life of a whole generation are discussed. This research is not only a contribution to the history of literature (biographical study), but also to the history of universities, the intellectual history (of various forms of sociability) and the history of Belgium from a generational and transnational perspective.
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