The grand objective of my research proposal is to develop and to demonstrate a new approach, based on innovative optical fibre based elements, to both excite and detect ultrasonic guided waves (or so-called Lamb waves) in composite structures. Ultrasonic Lamb wave based techniques are known to allow for the detection of damage and its location within composites. However, they still suffer from a number of drawbacks that stem from the use of omni-directional electrical transducers. My objective is therefore to tackle these drawbacks by replacing conventional surface-mounted electrical sensors and actuators by embedded optical fibre elements. Owing to their small size, low weight and durable nature, optical fibres can provide a unique and reliable solution to support structural health monitoring applications of composite structures.
To do so I will first develop and characterize optical fibre based elements to locally excite ultrasonic waves using optical pulses, while embedded in composite structures. Second, I will design a network of dedicated micro-structured optical fibre-based sensors to pick up the excited ultrasonic waves with directional sensitivities and benchmark my approach against conventional techniques. Finally I will combine the excitation and sensing elements and demonstrate the proof-of-principle of my all-fibre-optic structural health monitoring solution for composite materials.
Effective start/end date1/10/171/09/19

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  • Ultrasonic lamb waves

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