Roughly 64% of the global oceans are marine areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ), i.e. the deep seabed and the high seas. This extensive area has unparalleled potential for the use of marine renewable energies (MREs) to provide energy security and competitiveness (i.e. creation of jobs and economic development) to the States as well as for the fight against climate change at a
national, regional and global scale. Accordingly, States are becoming increasingly interested in the economic and climate change mitigation potential of ocean areas beyond the national jurisdiction of coastal States. At the same time, however, the expansion of the MRE industry into marine ABNJ as well as the environmental impacts associated with their development can entail new risks and threats to security and the biodiversity due to the significant regulatory challenges and governance gaps in marine ABNJ.
This project aims to enhance the sustainable development of the MRE industry in ABNJ and promote marine conservation in a global and European regional context. To achieve these objectives, the project will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the global and regional regulatory frameworks, as well as potential new forms of governance through global energy agencies.
As a result, this project will provide recommendations on how to strengthen renewable and environmental governance in the high seas, which will greatly contribute to the secure and sustainable development of MREs in ABNJ.
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