Christine Schnor (Recipient)

Each year, the Max Planck Society awards the Otto Hahn Medal to young scientist for outstanding scientific achievements, usually as part of a doctoral thesis. The medal is accompanied by a cash award of 7,500 euros. The prize is intended to motivate highly talented junior scientists and researchers to pursue an academic or research career. Since 1978, more than 850 scientists and researchers have been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal. The award is presented during the general meeting in the following year. On June 17, former MPIDR researcher Christine Schnor received the Otto Hahn Medal for her PhD dissertation. The medal was awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Max Planck Society and came with a cash prize of 7,500 euros. Christine Schnor examined the separation behavior of young couples. The comparative study provides new insights into the factors that stabilize a relationship or that increase the risk of separation.
Awarded date17 Jun 2015
Granting OrganisationsMax Planck Society

ID: 33251107