Curriculum vitae

Personal Information

Name                                              Varnavas Varnavas

Date of birth                                    11 January 1979


Apr 1998-Nov 2004                         School of Medicine, University of Bonn, Germany

Oct 2008-Oct 2011                          Ph. D. Thesis School of Medicine, University of Ioannina, Greece


Oct 2018-present                             Clinical Fellow Electrophysiology, HRMC, UZ Brussels, Belgium

Oct 2017-Sep 2018                           Fellow Electrophysiology,HRMC, UZ Brussels, Belgium

Sep 2015-Mar 2017                          Fellow Vascular Medicine, West German Heart and Vascular Centre,


Nov 2015                                        Medical Board Certification Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Nov 2011-Nov 2015                         Resident Cardiology, West German Heart and Vascular Centre,


Aug 2008-Feb 2011                         Resident internal medicine, General Hospital Rethymnon, Greece



Apr 2016                                           Good Clinical Practice Course

Sep 2015                                           Certificate in the ICD Therapy, German Cardiology Society

May 2015                                          Certificate in the IPG Therapy, German Cardiology Society

Sep 2013                                           Good Clinical Practice Course




May 2013-Oct 2014                         Co-Investigator in following studies:

                                                            - DF4 Master Study, Biotronik

                                                            - PAN Study, Medtronic

                                                            - neo Randomized Heart Failure Study, CVRx

                                                            - Reduce IT, St. Jude Medical

                                                            - Eluna /Sentus BP Master Study, Biotronik

                                                            - FIX-HF-5C, CCM System, Impulse Dynamics

                                                              - CARIMA Study, Novartis


Personal Skills

Mother tongue                                  Greek

Other languages                               English (fluently, First Certificate, University of Cambridge)                                                         German (fluently)
























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