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  • Professor dr. Tom Vanwing is the founder of LOCI and full professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences, Department Educational Sciences (EDWE). He studied Marketing and Informal Educational Sciences (Andragology), in which he made a Ph.D. on professionalization and innovation in non-formal educational settings, with a focus on community development. He also co-founded the Brussels folkhighschool Citizenne ( and the Master in Education and Research for Sustainable Development at the Anton De Kom University of Suriname. His main research interest involves contemporary developmental issues and transitions with a scope on ‘communities’ through an intersectional approach, often in cooperation with other disciplines, such as engineering, biology, economy & policy management. Groups, communities & configurations can be seen as an ‘eco-system’, in continuous interaction with their physical (natural, urban, rural), economical and societal environment. It is the study of this dynamic that often gains new insights & alternatives for the social quality of live.

    He teaches (amongst other) Andragology; Management & Innovation for the social & non profit; Sustainable Development: Educational theories and International Policy; Community Development: discourse, theories and paradigms; Social and cultural transition strategies for Sustainability and Development; System Thinking in Education.

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